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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Signs of Spring

When I got home from work today I decided to get the camera in hand and search out some signs of Spring in the yard. And yes, I actually found a few things!! I found some violas, a few grape hyacinths, a daffodil and some fierce Yorkies!

Up above is Oscar barking at me because I'm out taking pictures instead of feeding him. He can be very vocal when he feels dinner time is being infringed upon!

Here I tried to get a shot of Scooter, but as you can see - he just wouldn't hold still for more than a milli-second!

And of course, all three of them wouldn't dream of standing still for a posed shot! The neighbor's dog was on the opposite side of the fence, so there was no chance of me getting their attention (unless I was covered in bacon).

I think the most welcome sign of Spring would be a few days with the temperature above 50 degrees. So - weather gods, make it so!!

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