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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quilt Shop Hop - part 3 (end)

A few shots of quilts we loved! This one was at The Country Quilter in Boise and Bonnie is going to be making one from this pattern. The photo doesn't show it as well, but she plans to use all batik fabrics in muted mauve, taupe and green. It should be awesome!

These three shots are of the same quilt and were taken at Snip's N Stitches in Crouch, ID. Bonnie and I both purchased the kit and will be working on this one probably this fall. The colors are stunning - again my photography leaves a lot to be desired. The sample hanging up had such beautiful quilting, I wanted to make sure I got close enough to see how some of it was done so 6 months from now I can remember!!

So - that was our first Quilt Shop Hop and we loved it! Things we learned for next year:
  1. Start out at The Charm Shack in Ontario, OR. [you spend more at the first few stops and all agreed this was our favorite shop on the hop]
  2. Start saving money now for next year!! Take twice as much as you think you might spend, then add another $100.00 --LOL
  3. Pack tote bags to put purchases in so we can keep everything organized and know what belongs to who at the end of the day.
  4. Invite more friends to go along!

And now, Bonnie and I have to completely reorganize our "quilt studio" storage areas in order to put away our new purchases. In fact, at my house right now there are piles and heaps of "Stuff" in that room and the door is firmly closed. I will deal with that on the weekend with a "fresh" brain--and hopefully I will not be sidetracked with oohing and aahing over all the goodies. And, as an incentive to myself, I pledge to get it all put away and lovely, then I'll take photos and post them here to prove I did it! (note to self- LOL)

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Idaho Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing I am going to check out the shop in Crouch for sure. Sounds interesting.