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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pool & Checkers in PJ's...

A picture is worth a thousand words.... some pictures are worth less.

We were kind of playing pool! I know we were laughing a lot and playing Cher's Greatest Hits on the CD player... Notice, I am the one in the red footy pajamas. Aren't they special? They have teddy bears on them and there is nothing sexier than a 45 year old woman in red, flannel, teddy-bear footy pajamas, right?!!
I think I was having a "Cher" moment (maybe a FEW moments)...

And here you have Bonnie looking for ... her marbles?

No - looking for checkers that seem to repel each other when you try to king them. They hid really really well and we spent a great deal of time and effort recovering them.

At which point we decided that maybe we'd had ENOUGH! There might have been a wee bit of alcohol involved in our PJ Pool Checker party, but I'll say this... we slept great that night! LOL

1 comment:

Idaho Quilter said...

LOL, girls just wannna have fun.
And it looks like you girls do it very well. good for you.