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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ducks in our pond!!

Yesterday evening, when I returned from the Quilt Shop Hop trip (much more about that to come in another posting) I saw to my surprise that we had a pair of Mallard ducks in our front yard pond! This pond is a tiny thing and these little ones were both actually swimming in it before I took the picture. I was lucky to get one shot as they quickly flew off when they saw me with the camera.

My husband told me that they were hanging around the pond all weekend - I wonder if they are nesting nearby? Wouldn't it be great to see some fuzzy ducklings soon? (I hope, I hope...)

On our backyard patio, we have a pair of Robins building a nest! However, the pictures I took turned out too blurry to post -- So I was thinking I need to read-up on using the zoom feature on the camera. I guess we are starting our own bird/fowl sanctuary here - LOL. Time to fill up the bird feeders and see what happens!

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