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Friday, June 27, 2008


Well - I see it has been long time since I've posted anything! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and made comments. (Special thanks and nose hugs/ear hugs to Dilly & Bob T. Bear). A quick update, I did make it through my day of ditziness and got to Las Vegas last Thursday on time and ready for action! It was great to see my parents and sister, we ate too much, stayed up too late, but you can NEVER say you had TOO much FUN!!

Just in case you get the opportunity, go see the show "Jersey Boys"!! It was fantastic and the music was so fun - it took me back a long way. The show is about how Franki Valli and the Four Seasons got started - and includes almost all of their hits. Very well done show and I would see it again at the drop of a hat.

We also got to see "Mamma Mia" playing at The Palazzo. This is another great one and if you like the music of Abba, then it is a must see! Lots of fun and laughing and chair dancing- LOL. I believe the movie based on this show is coming out soon, and I think I'll have to see it, too!

Warning - if you are heading to Las Vegas anytime soon, be prepared for HEAT. I knew it would be hot, but somehow, when you are sitting by the pool and it is 114 degrees out you still don't feel quite prepared for it. I managed 2 days poolside for about 1 hour each before wilting and running back to the air conditioning.

All in all - a fabulous trip, but I have to admit that Monday evening it was great to see my husband at the airport ready to take me home. I missed him and my wee beasties a lot! There was quite a ruckus when I walked in the door...I ended up sitting on the floor while they jumped all over me (not complaining here - I loved it!).

So - now you know what I've been up to. I need to get back in my sewing room quickly as there are a bunch of things I need to get going on:
  • finish up my 4Seasons Quilt Swap - Summer quilt
  • start & finish the next part for my Quilt Group meeting on 7/7
  • start on the Miniature Booty Swap quilt
  • finish a quilt for my Uncle Tom

Yikes! And, in 2 weeks we are going on a motorcycle vacation for 4 days through Hell's Canyon and central Oregon mountains.... time's a wasting, I better go right now!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it me or isn't it??

Today I am either not myself, or entirely too much “myself”…. Undecided, which goes along with the entire theme of the day. So far I have had a series of just plain air-headed goof-ups. I attribute this to over-excitement for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas tomorrow, but it might just be a good excuse. (?)

· I rushed to get to work today and forgot to take my daily med’s. This might not be a big deal for most people, but there is one pill that has extreme withdrawal effects when you are late or miss a dose. Of course, I began feeling the vertigo about 10:30am, and then I realized what I had done…
· So – I rushed home at lunch time to get the med’s. Gave the dogs a treat, used the restroom facilities and headed back to work. (so far so good)
· I rushed in straight to the cafeteria, where I wandered to every station before making a ho-hum selection of egg salad sandwich. (In hindsight, it seems I was on a mission to make sure that every employee in all 8 buildings would get a good look at me – this will make sense in another sentence or so.) Then, I rushed back to my cubicle, ran into the bathroom to wash my hands and noticed that my zipper was down and my bright PINK underwear were very clearly showing. Lovely…
· While eating lunch in my cubicle, I worked on paying bills and entered a contest that required enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope. Just as the envelopes were sliding into the drop box, I noticed that I had reversed envelopes on the contest entry, which means that I will receive the envelope at home later this week with the enclosed envelope for the contest… brilliant!
· At this point, I’m wondering if I am capable of driving myself home or if I’ll inexplicably get lost on the way there. Care to place a bet? J Plus, I still have about 3 hours of work to get through – and Lord knows what else I’ll goof up!

Wish me luck!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What's Your mood today?

Your Mood is a 7

You're feeling pretty good, but not perfect. Your mood is on the high side of average.

I took the test and for a Monday, 7 isn't too bad!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

4Seasons Quilt Swap - Summer!

Well - here is my quilt for the swap so far. Finished it should be 16"x16". I still have to sew around all the pieces that are fused for applique, find a cute button to be the center of the flower in the middle, then all that will be left is putting it together, quilting and binding! The hardest part (figuring out what I was going to do) is done I think. This is going to be for another person far away and I hope she will like it! The rules are to make a quilt between 16x16 and 20x20 with a summer theme... some swap partners mentioned special requests or preferences for style, color, etc. but my person didn't have any special things requested, so it was wide open. I thought this looked summery and bright - the colors aren't showing quite true in the picture, but when I finish it up hopefully I can get a more accurate photo. The green is more of an aqua green and the pink is brighter - it makes me happy to look at, so maybe I'll have to make one for myself, too - :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quilt Group meeting tonight!!

Well, the quilt group meets tonight and I barely finished up the "row" for Mary Ellen's quilt yesterday. She is doing a winter-snowman kind of theme, so here is her row, and in the next picture is the one I made for her. It isn't my best work, but it is hard to just come up with something "out of your head" instead of from a pattern... I'm hoping it will get easier the more I have to do it. Tonight I am excited to see what everyone else has done and what was added to my quilt!! It was hard to work on snowmen and winter themes when I am wanting so desperately for summer to hurry up and get here!!
I've also started working on my Four Seasons-Summer Quarter Swap quilt. I think it is really going to be cute and I'll have something to post about it with a picture of where I'm at so far by tomorrow. It felt good to be in my sewing room, since I haven't had a chance to get in there for a few weeks! Before I knew it, it was dark out and 3 little Yorkies were looking up at me like "why aren't you in bed yet?" ha!

More flowers...

Well - here we are now in the front yard. The flowers around and in the pond are doing great!! We've had 4 water lillies boom so far and the iris have come and gone. The honeysuckle haven't quite opened up, but on warm days they smell wonderful.

Of course, I couldn't leave this shot out, as while I was photographing the front yard, these little guys were glued to the front door window and barking their heads off! From the left, it is Scooter, Maxwell in the middle and Oscar at the right. My three boys - aren't they cute?

Flower update...backyard

Well - can you tell I like Clematis vines? We have 4 really beautiful plants - each one is a different color and all are starting to have big blooming flowers!! The flowers in baskets & pots that were planted on Mother's Day are starting to fill in nicely and everything looks much greener and the trees much fuller than a month ago. (You can go back on look at older posts to see the differences) This shot of the lawn below shows Scooter in the foreground... you can't do much back there without his direct supervision these days - LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

The new Stephanie Meyer book

Friday, when I got home from work, there on the porch was a big box from Amazon.com!! Yippee!! I quickly grabbed the box, opened it up, removed the books into a tote bag, hid the box in the trashcan and smuggled the books into the house... (yes, feeling a little guilty about buying books when I told my spouse he couldn't spend money on non-essentials right now.)

So, inside and first to be read, was "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. I immediately started reading and kept going until about 10:30pm. Saturday, got up with coffee and was reading and continued to read until 7pm when I finished the book!! Yes, I could NOT put it down. Once again, I have to admit it wasn't at all what I was expecting. I love the Twilight series books about Edward and Bella and was thinking maybe this book would involve supernatural creatures, too. Well, it does, kind of - if you can call alien "souls" supernatural.

Stephanie Meyer does a great job of grabbing your attention and not letting go!! I really liked this book and the only slight negative I have to comment on is the ending. I'm undecided on if I like it or dislike it.... It wasn't bad or weird, it just didn't quite feel right to me... But, even so, I highly recommend the book to one and all! I give it an A- grade!!

Indiana Jones--I saw it!!

My husband and I had a great date day yesterday - starting with a little sandal shopping (we both found some!), then lunch at On the Border, and then to see "Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"!! The anticipation on my part was huge, of course. I have been a Harrison Ford fan since American Graffiti came out. I admit it is difficult for me to see him reaching the end of his "shelf life" as a leading man, but for a man in his 60's he is in great shape! He still makes me squeal on the inside - LOL. My sister and I were crazy about Harrison Ford - saw Star Wars 8 times and even had a life-sized standup of Indiana Jones from the first movie. I've often joked to my husband, that maybe I would go hiking in Montana, then get "lost" and hope that they send Harrison Ford in with a helicopter to rescue me - - . Something like this actually happened to a woman a few years back and I remember hearing about it and being so jealous - ha!

I can still very vividly remember the first time I saw the original Indiana Jones movie back in Omaha with my sister and a group of friends. At the time, my sister and I had never heard of this movie and weren't all that sure we wanted to see it, but peer pressure prevailed and we went. We barely made in to the theatre in time, and ended up about 3 rows from the front... We missed the previews and the movie was just beginning. If you recall that part, you see Indiana's silhouette, and then as he turned, it dawned on my sister and I at the exactly the same time... We screeched, in unison, very loudly, "Can it be???...... HARRISON FORD!!!!!!" - Need I say that certain friends never let up on teasing us about this moment of sheer girliness! LOL But, yet, one of my funnest memories with my sister.
I have to say, this movie wasn't what I expected at all. It was good, grabbed your attention and moved rapidly, but I'm not sure I liked the ending.... It left me feeling kind of hollow - maybe because I realize that this is probably the last we'll see of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.'s adventures. Also, I had a lot of questions about exactly what it was that happened with the whole crystal skull thingy's (without giving anything away)?? I kind of don't get it...?.... something about trans-dimensional, blah blah? However, I maybe just need to see it again :) (tee hee). Favorite one liner was "don't call it a snake, tell me to grab the rope" -ha!
Can't wait to discuss the details with my sister - we will be getting together with our folks in Las Vegas on June 19th! Counting the days for sure.... tick tock tick tock....