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Monday, June 2, 2008

The new Stephanie Meyer book

Friday, when I got home from work, there on the porch was a big box from Amazon.com!! Yippee!! I quickly grabbed the box, opened it up, removed the books into a tote bag, hid the box in the trashcan and smuggled the books into the house... (yes, feeling a little guilty about buying books when I told my spouse he couldn't spend money on non-essentials right now.)

So, inside and first to be read, was "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. I immediately started reading and kept going until about 10:30pm. Saturday, got up with coffee and was reading and continued to read until 7pm when I finished the book!! Yes, I could NOT put it down. Once again, I have to admit it wasn't at all what I was expecting. I love the Twilight series books about Edward and Bella and was thinking maybe this book would involve supernatural creatures, too. Well, it does, kind of - if you can call alien "souls" supernatural.

Stephanie Meyer does a great job of grabbing your attention and not letting go!! I really liked this book and the only slight negative I have to comment on is the ending. I'm undecided on if I like it or dislike it.... It wasn't bad or weird, it just didn't quite feel right to me... But, even so, I highly recommend the book to one and all! I give it an A- grade!!


drucillastitches said...

Hello Becky,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! It looks like we have quite a bit in common. Dogs, quilting, perimenopause, camping, and blogging! Wow, that's pretty good huh?
Enjoy browsing your blog and look forward to returning soon!

Missie said...

Hey! I found you from your comment over at picnic at stonehenge. I also live in Idaho, love flowers and Indiana Jones, and just wish I knew how to quilt.

Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read The Host recently and really enjoyed it, too. I liked the ending and thought it may leave an opening for a follow-up book (maybe we have another series on our hands!)

I reviewed the book at my blog:

Joy said...

I will have to get this one.
My dd is into her other series.
I don't think is part of that.