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Monday, June 9, 2008

Quilt Group meeting tonight!!

Well, the quilt group meets tonight and I barely finished up the "row" for Mary Ellen's quilt yesterday. She is doing a winter-snowman kind of theme, so here is her row, and in the next picture is the one I made for her. It isn't my best work, but it is hard to just come up with something "out of your head" instead of from a pattern... I'm hoping it will get easier the more I have to do it. Tonight I am excited to see what everyone else has done and what was added to my quilt!! It was hard to work on snowmen and winter themes when I am wanting so desperately for summer to hurry up and get here!!
I've also started working on my Four Seasons-Summer Quarter Swap quilt. I think it is really going to be cute and I'll have something to post about it with a picture of where I'm at so far by tomorrow. It felt good to be in my sewing room, since I haven't had a chance to get in there for a few weeks! Before I knew it, it was dark out and 3 little Yorkies were looking up at me like "why aren't you in bed yet?" ha!

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