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Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Theme or not to Theme...

I have a long list of blogs that I like to follow. Some of them are humorous, some all about quilting and crafty stuff, and of course, some are about Nebraska Football. It seems like most of them all have a theme they stick to for all of their posts. So, I was thinking that my blog is really kind of theme-less – and wondering if I should be concerned about that.

Of course, when I start thinking (not only is there smoke involved), there are lots of “me’s” thinking at the same time in my head. A few of those thoughts:
· Who cares what other blogs do?
· This blog is mostly for friends and family to know what’s going on with us
· The Funny blogs are my favorites to read, does that make me shallow?
· I don’t post every day, does that make me a bad blogger?
· I’m not sure I could pick just one theme…
· My blog is boring
· I don’t have many readers (should that bother me?)
· I like cheese
· Some bloggers rant and use foul language, my mother reads this so I won’t
· I need to find some pictures – blog posts are dull without pictures

So – hmmmm, to theme or not to theme, that is the question?? Is it better to have themed and lost than never to have themed at all?? Somebody stop me! Help! Anyone???...Buehler?


Pattie said...

Hi Becky -

When I first started blogging, I purposely chose NOT stick to one kind of topic. I guess I didn’t want to define myself as just one thing, you know - one label, so to speak. My over-all idea is attitude, of course, but beyond that, anything goes. Sometimes I think that makes my blog kind of schizophrenic. No, it's not. YES IT IS! No, it isn’t. IT IS SO! Who said that?

You get my point.

My two cents are that you should post about whatever you feel like writing about, and only on the days you feel like writing. I read some blogs where it's very clear the person posts every day, just to be posting. These can be really bor-ing!

I love reading whatever you post. I mean quilts, gardening, dogs, good books, Idaho… what’s not to love? :-)

Gina said...

My blog is mostly about quilting but not exclusively. It's mainly about what goes on in my life. The only things I stay clear of is politics and religion.
I think if you narrow down to a theme you restrict yourself in what you can post about.
I don't post everyday as some times life is boring and mundane. Who wants to read about that.

Keep posting about what you love, what ever the subject. Blogs are about the authors so don't feel pressurised into being something you are not.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Idaho Quilter said...

Although I named my blog Idaho Quilter, I wish I had picked something more generic. I feel like everyone expects me to write only about quilting. there really is more to me than quilting so I vary from time to time. And it IS MY BLOg. So if anyone is disapointed when they come to my page they don't have to read it.

DILLY said...

NOT be boring!
Not not not!
An HAV theem.
Theem be Becky!
Be bowt Becky,
be bowt Becky life,
be bowt Becky hed.

Dilly like cheez too.
Like best meltid wiv bugs in.



Manager Mom said...

Themes are overrated.

Rules are overrated.

Ratings are overrated.

I say post what you want, when you want, and if a picture helps make your point, so be it.

Amy said...

Like I said, I like how it looks and the little touches you've made to make it your own.
My mom reads my blog too (and TB's). So we need to keep it clean! LOL

Bear Naked said...

It is YOUR blog so you should do and write what you feel comfortable with posting.
I am by no means an expert since I only started blogging this March.
My posts are serious sometimes, hopefully funny sometimes and basically whatever I "feel like talking" about most days.

I am going to add your blog to my blog list (that is getting longer and longer as I speak) and will come back to "visit" you regularly.
Hopefully you will come and visit me also.

Bear((( )))

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