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Friday, August 29, 2008

I've been tagged---(oh no!!)

Well- I've been tagged by Gina at 2SistersandMe. The rules are that you have to tell 7 things about yourself (preferably something weird) and then you have to tag 7 more people and post them and then go to their blog and let them know! So here goes:

1. I saw the movie "Star Wars" 8 times at the theatre when it first came out. (Mostly because I had a crush on Harrison Han Solo Ford)
2. In the spring, when I select flowers for the yard, I talk to them and tell them how beautiful they will look (much to my husband's chagrin since we are usually at Home Depot in a crowd).
3. Sometimes (most of the time) I like dogs better than people!
4. I learned to quilt (and thread a sewing machine) at age 42.
5. I must have coffee in the morning or It Will Be A Bad Day...
6. As a child I never played much with dolls or stuffed toys - but as an adult I LOVE teddy bears and talk to them and play with them. (I guess I do stuff backwards sometimes)
7. I am a Daddy's girl and always will be.

S0 - that's it for me. Now to select 7 lucky people to tag:
1. Bob T Bear, Esquire(A teddy bear)
2. Mary Margaret (a Yorkie)
3. Dilly (A Croco-wagon, really!!)
4. Pattie at Attitude Changes Everything
5. Janet at Idaho Quilter
6. Bumblevee at The Bearister Bookcase
7. Mrs. Nesbitt


Pattie said...

What fun! I'll have to do this when I return from my trip, but I can easily come up with seven weird things about me!!

BTW: I learned to quilt at 50! But I did know how to thread the sewing machine needle, so you beat me there! :-)

Take care of yourself while I'm gone.

Idaho Quilter said...

thanks, I think, lol, Good. it will give me something to blog about over the week end. Have a nice week end.

DILLY said...

Awwwwwww THANK Becky!!!


Bear Naked said...

Hi Becky
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
I'm from Canada and found my sheets at Linens 'N' Things in Canada.
I don't know if you have that store in the US?

Bear((( )))