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Monday, August 18, 2008

And the winners are...

The competition was fierce and the judging difficult. Thanks to Mr. Grunter at Bob T. Bear's blog for doing a wonderful job.

For more detail of the event, judging and awards please go to Bob's Blog. (August 16, 17, 18 entries)

And the winners are as follows:

GOLD MEDAL goes to the HOME TEAM - Team Husker!!! Here is the winning entry with a direct quote from the judges, " for bak-to-bak synchronizayshun, a very advarnst form ov the sport."

SILVER medal goes to "TB SUPERSTAR for perfekt synchronizayshun in sittin pozishun- crosst legs, an arms all pozishund alike too. Eevn the Not-a-Bears. Grayte stuff! "

BRONZE Medal goes to "LYNDA (GRANNY K). Lots ov competishun for this therd playce, but the Synchronized Sittin on a bannister fynerly clincht it!

A quote from the winning team's coach (that would be me) left on the event blog comment list:

Becky said...
Woohoo!! Team USA has won another GOLD MEDAL!!! And we have word back that all have officially passed the drug tests - congratulations to all the winners!! Team Husker is going wild - we have bear mayhem, the flight back is out of control - the stewardess has warned us 3 times to stay in our seats!!! Being that we have won the event, I'm sure we can SIT for a little while longer!!

Another bit of excitement is the amazing offers from Wheaties, Cheerios and Captain Crunch for appearances on cereal boxes.... However, the team is holding out for an offer from Nike!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful competitors - it was terrific to see how far this sport has come. Thanks to Bob T. Bear for hosting and Mr. Grunter for judging such a difficult event.I must run and check on the party - I'm afraid that they have been at the Oreo cookies again and there will be no sleeping tonight for any of us.Thanks, Bob!!~ Becky


Pattie said...

I dunno... those synchronized sitters on the banister are pretty darn good! ;-)

This is too much fun, Becky! Thanks!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yu diservd it! Well dun!

BumbleVee said...

Congratulations Becky!!

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