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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Major Award...

It's been a great week for winning awards... first the GOLD MEDAL at the Synchronized Sitting Bear Olympics and now... from the BIG RED NETWORK (dedicated to Nebraska Football - of course), I have won a Major Award!!

It hasn't arrived yet, but any day now I should be receiving it! And what did I win, they ask?

2 things .... a Nebraska T-shirt, shown here:

And, "A Sea of Red" - which is an annual guide to Nebraska Cornhusker Football:

Here is a synopsis of what is included in this fabulous guide that every Husker Fan should have:
"A Sea of Red 2008 is the must-have preview book for any diehard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. Most college football fans buy pre-season publications that provide a page or two on the Huskers. Why do that when you can have a 112-page annual that provides an in-depth look at your favorite team? Included inside are introductions of the new coaching staff, offensive and defensive previews for the 2008 season, and an examination of new recruits. We provide a preview of the 'Nebraska offense' and a detailed examination of Nebraska's 2008 opponents.The Cornhusker history section pays homage to offensive linemen as 'Heroes in the Trenches' including interviews with Chad Kelsay, Dick Rupert, Eric Anderson and former offensive line coach Milt Tenopir. Find out why the nickname 'Bo' provides the greatest predictor that Nebraska will win a national championship under new coach Pelini, and how the pillars of Memorial came to be. We close it up with an overview of Huskers currently in the NFL. Since the return of Tom Osborne and the hiring of new coach Pelini, Husker fans have been chomping at the bit for the return of Husker football. Analysis, roster, stats, pictures, and history, A Sea of Red is packed with information every Big Red fan will want by their side throughout the 2008 season. The wait is finally over. Nebraska football as you knew it is back. Go Big Red!!!"
I can't wait for it to arrive, I am so exciting for football season to start!! Only 9 more days until KICKOFF - woohoo!! GO BIG RED!!


Pattie said...

Oh Becky, I'm afraid this is one area where we part ways: I really dislike football. I must admit, however, that I once attended a live NFL game. We saw the Bengals play in Cincinnati, and it was a lot of fun, seeing it in person.

So - never say never, right? Maybe your enthusiastic posts will help me to like the game better.

If not - there's still always synchronized sitting! :-)

Bear Naked said...

Congratulations on your award.
Both Ted E and I are big fans of the CFL (Canadian Football League.)
We only start watching NFL games after our Grey Cup Championship at the end of November.
Thanks for visiting my blog again.
Come over any time.