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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My morning has been lovely...

My morning so far has been just lovely:

· Alarm went off at 4AM for husband. I doze off while he is in shower, but am awakened at 4:35am by him kissing my face repeatedly. “I was asleep?”, and he replies, “I know, but I wanted to make sure you knew I was kissing you goodbye.” I guess that was sweet, but come on, I was ASLEEP!!
· Alarm goes off for me at 6:45AM, causing me to jump, which in turn triggered a charlie horse cramp in my calf. I try to leap out of bed for relief, but am completely twisted in sheets, pillows and 3 startled Yorkshire terriers. As feet finally hit the floor, my head decides I stood up too quickly and I almost pass out, so quickly sit back down on bed, landing on Maxwell. After comforting Maxwell and reassuring the other 2 that he wasn’t injured (and therefore all is OK in their world) I continue on with the morning routine.
· Completely dressed, hair done, face “fixed”, I prepare to head out the door. Rounding into the kitchen, I see Scooter look me right in the eye, and then squat to pee on the WOOL rug beneath the dining room table. “No-No!! Scooter, No – OUTSIDE now!”. He doesn’t move, just freezes, with ears down. I scoop him up and head out to the backyard, place him on the grass and command him to go potty. I bend down to make good eye contact, and tell him again. He sniffs around and then BLAMO, the sprinklers go on and I am splatted from waist to head – totally sopped.
· Back to the bathroom to start over again.
· At work, in cubicle, with first ever-loving cup of coffee. Aah – wonderful.
· Bleep – meeting reminder, conference call in 5 minutes. No problem.
· ROWEERUSGGGGGGGGGGGG!! Uh-oh! That is the sound your lower intestine makes when you have about 3.5 seconds to get to the bathroom for something immediate to occur.
· Made it to bathroom, whew! Tick…tock…tick…tock… still in bathroom. Now worried that will be late or miss conference call entirely…. Tick…tock…tick…tock…. Pretty sure am now late… wondering what was in the $.75 tacos we had at Mulligan’s for dinner last night; where they seasoned with taco-flavored ExLax?? Perhaps shouldn’t have eaten that 5th one….(rationalization: They were really TINY tacos)
· Late to conference call, but meeting is postponed due to one person being on vacation. That worked out lucky for me. :)

Well – that brings me up to 10:06AM. How’s your morning been so far?


Nancy said...

it's been very quiet here compared to your morning....

waiting for DH to return from out of town so running around like mad to put away 3 days of crap before he hits the driveway....lol

Pattie said...

Oh dear, what a way to start your day! When you told about Scooter and carrying him outside, I thought for sure you’d gotten wee'd on. But the sprinkler's going off... well, I have to admit that I laughed!

You poor thing - I hope you can giggle about it all now, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Becky! Your hubby is so sweet! This post has me cracking up. The charlie horse rolling on the bed in pain part reminds me of myself. I have so many mystery bruises... And your little dogs are adorable, my daughter loooves them and calls them "those Yorkish terriers!"

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh boy!

Did Scooter eet sum taco too???

Hope yor bottom is better by now!