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Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Today is my Dad's birthday and he is going to be celebrating in Arizona with my Mom, my sister (Cindy) and his two grandchildren Jessica & Jennifer!!

Dad, I am thinking of you all day today and hope you guys have a great time together. I wish we could be there with you, but you'll be hearing from me, never fear (cell phones are wonderful, aren't they?).

Here's a blast from the past! I love this picture - my sister is the blonde, and that leaves me as the "other" one - LOL. Dad, we'll always be your little girls...

Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful and sweet Father from his very "special" girl.... see, I'm wearing my helmet!!! ha


BumbleVee said...

AHA!! I see your Dad thinks like me. He wants his daughter to protect her lovely noggin!!

Happy B Day to your Dad...a very clever guy!

and... about pressing flowers ..
All I do is place them how I want them to look...sort of flatten out the petals of the pansies etc... and place them in a book... gently close the page to keep it all flat.. put something heavy on top for several weeks..or months if I forget about them. Old phone books work great.. then I save them in a cardboard folder til I want to use them.

Pattie said...

Happy Birthday to your Papa, Becky. Please tell him all of us here in Blogland think his daughter is pretty special!