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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planting done!

The backyard flowers are all planted!! Yippee! Finished on Saturday when it was a blazing 97 degrees--hard to deal with the heat when 2 days before that we were at 65 degrees, but I survived. All the hanging baskets and flower pots are filled with happiness. I planted several more columbine plants this year as my experimental one from last year has bloomed beautifully. Perennials are great!

Of course, I planted lots of petunias like always. Love those and they are so easy to take care of. Can't wait for my clematis vines to bloom - I see lots and lots of buds, so they should be stunning... I'll take pictures when the blessed event occurs.

This area is my "shade" garden - and I was fearful that nothing would grow there. Wow, was I ever wrong! Hostas are loving it, blue vinca ground cover, primroses and ivy - all flourishing. The great thing about perennials is that the 2nd and 3rd years they really take off!
The cutie in the picture below is Oscar, he is on fence patrol, keeping us safe from intruders, dogs, birds, butterflys, and any other moving creature.

Scooter is my garden watch dog - he gets almost indignant with me when I am pulling weeds. I've tried to explain that weeds are bad, but I've told him so many times to leave all the garden plants alone that he thinks I'm being bad when I pull up weeds! LOL Do you see that look in his eye, like he's ready to leap at me? ha! That would be 4 1/2 lbs of fierce and ferocious!!
Can't wait to see how it all looks in about 2 weeks!


Dilly said...

Mummy do plarntin today, lots lots weedin an then scatter bits ov tree bark.

Wen pull weeds, blackbird come down, find werms.

Mummy ware hat in sun! Not like be hot. Sun mayke hed hert.

Mummy hav lots herbs but no room to plarnt! Tell Daddy, need howse wiv bigger garden. HAHA!!!!

Dilly think Becky garden be luvly.
Be very neat.
Dilly garden not be neat.
Not reelly.

Dilly feed hedgehog in garden.
Come see!

Becky get vizitors in garden?
Dilly get hedgehogs, fwogs, newts an berds.

Dilly like big wagon-berd standin in BEcky's garden.



(Hewo, Scooter! Ear hugs!)

Helena said...

Dilly's right. Please come and be our gardener! Looking at yours and then looking at ours, we obviously need you so much!!!

Pattie said...

Hey Becky - your gardens look fabulous! You've given me a few ideas... thanks! :-)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Nose hugs!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

How's it lookin now? Hav yu had lots ov rain, like us? Sum ov our new plarnts got broken!

Joy said...

Love your backyard and your dog is too cute! Such a pretty coat.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Hi there...it's MEEEEE, Mary-Margaret O'Brien. Mom said I could look at your blog and guess who ended up with the mouse? She loves your garden and pond. Personally, I am everly so (swooooooon!) attracted to Scooter. Is he single? Pledged? Interested? (I guess I should have asked that first, huh?) Tell him MMOB says "Hello, handsome!".

Love, Mary-Margaret

Becky said...

Hi Mary-Margaret! Thanks for stopping by :) Scooter is a hottie, isn't he? He is single (very young still - only 10 months) and I'm sure he'd find you charming!! There is one little detail you might want to know, however, he has been "fixed" so you wouldn't be able to start a little Yorkie family with him. However, other than that I think you two would be a lovely couple!! He is a great garden watch dog - he said to tell you he loves your wardrobe.
Have a great day!