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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day flower planting...

Time (finally) to begin planting flowers in hanging baskets and empty pots!! Yippee! I look forward to this all Spring and my husband took me shopping to get a few things "just to start" - ha Good thing he was there to limit my purchases, or I would have been planting things for 3 days.

As you can see - I had a little helper! Scooter was utterly intriged by all this stuff and had his nose literally right inthe middle of it all!!I can just about hear his thoughts, Hey! Did I authorize all this activity in MY yard? Did you ask me if you could do this? What is that, dirt? Does it taste good? Hey! Arf

By the time I had finished, I'm not sure who was more filthy, Scooter or me!! Actually, I think it was Scooter - he looked like the bad little boy that ate all the chocolate cake - ha!

All three dogs will be ready to help me plant the rest of the annuals (maybe this next weekend)! It is great to see everything turning green and soon there will be lots of color, too!

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