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Friday, May 16, 2008

The first full day of Invisalign....

What is Invisalign?? It is a way of straightening and lining up teeth that is better than braces and supposedly less painful, definitely less obvious and hopefully will work fabulously for me!! I have several problems that need correction:
  • open bite
  • over-bite
  • very crooked lower front teeth
  • mismatched molars/bite

The Invisalign solution is going to be less expensive for fixing the functional problems (rather than have traditional crowns, etc on the molars) with the added bonus of lovely straight teeth! And, I won't have to have a retainer afterwards, the dentist is going to install a permanent fixture to keep the teeth in place. My case requires 15 sets of trays, that are worn about 2 weeks each. Hopefully in less than a year, it will all be finished and my smile will be awesome.

I am attaching the little graphic that shows how my teeth will be changed. It is pretty cool!

Now that I'm done sounding like a commercial, I'll complain! My MOUTH hurts!!!! waaaaaahhhhh! I had braces on my upper teeth back in the day and evidently my threshold for pain was much high then - LOL. I keep popping Advil and I know that by tomorrow it should ease up, but wow - it's making me a major grouch. I feel a big pity party coming on with lots of whining and woe is me... good thing I can get lots of puppy love when I get home, that usually fixes me right up!!

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