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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pick of the Litter...

Saturday, May 3rd, there was a Hotrod & Motorcycle show at our local Harley Davidson Dealership in Boise. My husband decided he would take his 1941 Ford along with his 1951 Cushman Scooter (to be a "prop" for the car). The event was to raise money for the Humane Society, so dogs and dog-owners were there in great numbers... including the 3 Yorkshire terrorists that live with us!!

Tim commented to me that the Cushman Scooter seemed to be getting a lot more attention than the car, which he thought was very ODD! I laughed and said he should consider where he was - LOL. It was a pretty warm day, so I decided to take the Wee Beasties back home. Upon my return, I found a very excited husband holding a MAJOR AWARD from the show!!! As it turns out, the Cushman Scooter was voted as "The Pick of The Litter" out of the entire show - ha! He couldn't believe it (and neither could I) as there were lots of very nice high-dollar vehicles on display, but we now have this lovely dog-bone shaped plaque to prove it! ha Go figure.... Woof woof

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