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Sunday, September 7, 2008

All the way from England!!

Wow! A Package that delivered from the "ROYAL M AIL" all the way from England has arrived!!!

And inside, the handmade "Felted" teddy bear from England has arrived!!! He is darling and sweet and BLUE and his name is Grissom!

Bob T. Bear's Mum, Helena, made him herself and he is the award for winning the Synchronized Sitting Olympics!! Thank you so very much! I can't imagine how you used a needle and a pile of wool to make little Grissom, but he sure is cute. He has a seat of honor on a bookshelf with a few other blue things!
Well - I sure hope Grissom doesn't get homesick... He does fit in well with the Boise State University Football fans around here - he matches the blue turf perfectly!! He will probably become a big BSU fan - go Broncos!!
Thanks again to Bob and his Mum for sending Grissom all the way to Idaho! We love him!!


Bear Naked said...

He certainly is a handsome little blue bear.
Your sychronized sitters deserved the gold!!

Bear((( )))

BumbleVee said...

awww..... little Grissom is a sweetie....